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There are moments—when you kissed me the other day was one—when I feel no more than a rock. He was a great friend of Thoby’s, went out to India – came back last summer when I saw him, and he has been living here since the winter.”“It was a small wedding.And yet your caring for me as you do almost overwhelms me. I’m more happy than anyone ever said was possible – but I insist upon your liking him too. The only other people there were Roger Fry, Gerald Duckworth, Virginia’s aunt Mary Fisher, Duncan Grant, Saxon Sydney-Turner and the young artist Frederick Etchells, a friend of Duncan and Roger’s. Lytton was enduring a long wet holiday in Scotland and Ireland with Henry Lamb…Vanessa, deep in her own concerns, interrupted the proceedings by enquiring how one went about changing the name of a child.Needing a place to stay, Leonard rented rooms on the top floor of her and her brother Adrian’s house in Brunswick square and they soon began dating.During their six month courtship, Leonard proposed numerous times.

We spent Monday on the boat as well because we were alone. He also began calling me at home several times during the day even if it was just to tell me to check my email because he sent me something. I would never want that to happen to me for real though.Fearful of marriage and the emotional and sexual involvement it required, Virginia hesitated.In a letter to Leonard, she bluntly stated: As I told you brutally the other day, I feel no physical attraction in you.I thought to myself that if talking about this fantasy was all it took to make him pay attention to me, I would talk until the cows came home.(Country girl lingo)After looking at the photos and reading the stuff he emailed to me from his office, I didn’t even need him to spell it out for me that he was going to want me do this, but that night he did anyway.

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