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Many believe that it is the changes in cultures – that have allowed women to be more independent – and the advances in information dissemination technology that have greater impacts on traditional man’s feeling of security.Women now have many more options and can do many more things that were not even imaginable several decades ago.For them, all the bother just doesn’t match the rewards.Insecurity The advancements that women achieved in today’s world makes many men feel insecure about themselves.No need to waste more time and prolong your misery. When he comes to this point, his commitment phobia will simply vanished into the thin air! A relationship like that will only drain you emotionally. Using sex to push him to be committed to you is useless, especially in these days and age. Tell him what you want out of the relationship and ask him what his problems are. Being in a relationship means caring about how the other is feeling, understanding their hopes, fears and their deepest desires. If something troubled a woman’s mind, she wants and she will talk about it. Trying to help without him asking will instead strengthen his fear and give affirmations to it. Don’t wait until you’re already at the breaking point. Don’t involve yourself in destructive behavior such as texting or calling him 30 times a day to check if he’s okay. He will withdraw himself deeper into his cave, emotionally and physically, until the relationship (you and him) is ready to blow up.

They love to live their lives the way they like and make decisions for themselves by their own rules.

Because men are naturally provider to his family, the independence of females can make some men afraid.

They doubt if their women will really need them or not.

It should not be too hard to understand their reluctance to give up their freedom then.

From seeing other fellow guys’ experience, many men have learned that if a woman enters a man’s life, it might mean the loss of freedom: he might no longer be able to do things the way he used to do with his buddies. Commitment phobia, or fear of commitment, can also be caused by hurtful memories and emotional baggage carried from previous relationships. A commitment will surely make them cut off from that.

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