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Outside the education bubble in the broader public mind, however, these high-flying charters are much-adored, attractive young upstarts, and the antidote to the dark, dispiriting “dropout factories” of media caricature.

For years, a central motif of the feel-good narrative surrounding No Excuses charter schools has been their college acceptance rates.

The bar has been set not by its critics but by KIPP itself: if KIPP and other No Excuses schools are to fulfill their promise as game changers in American education, and rewrite the script on reaching and teaching underserved kids, their graduates must not merely be accepted to college; they must demonstrate success once they get there.

KIPP has identified a number of factors it believes are critical to raising its students’ college-completion rates, including enhanced academic preparedness; a set of “character strengths,” like “grit,” self-control, and optimism; matching each student with the right college; social and academic integration once they arrive on campus; and college affordability.

The first in her family to attend a four-year college, Mercado was a strong student dating all the way back to her days in middle school at San Diego’s KIPP Adelante Preparatory Academy.

Perhaps as a result, she was “a little more cocky than I should have been” when arriving on campus for freshman year.

Those who are accepted to college are least likely to stick around and earn a degree.

In 2015, more than 10,000 students from KIPP and other major charter-school highfliers will be on college campuses across the United States.The Coming KIPP Bubble You can’t play the ingenue forever.For much of its brief history, there has been something of a halo over the Knowledge Is Power Program (KIPP).“It all came crashing down on top of me,” Mercado says.Freshman year was “a big dose of reality,” she says.

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The April 2011 release of KIPP’s College Completion Report changed the No Excuses narrative almost instantly from “college acceptance” to “college completion.” A bold and laudable exercise in transparency, the report gave ammunition to KIPP’s boosters and critics alike. KIPP has held fast to the idea that college is indispensable.

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