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In 1957 information about Sheena and Peter Caddy leaked out in a newspaper, and this proved an excuse to jettison contact with her. The segregation continued when, in the early 1960s, Sheena went to live at a village close to the new Findhorn Community.“In the space of a few months Sheena had been transposed from guru of the Chelsea Embankment to Celtic witch” (Sutcliffe, op. She did visit the nascent community, but the Caddy attitude towards her is reported to have been curt.Her flat in Pimlico was the venue for a small early 1950s circle entertaining “esoteric” influences that were surfacing in middle class sectors.The jargon of Sheena’s group included usage of the confusing phrase “new age” that was chiefly associated with Alice Bailey (1880–1949), whose Arcane School elevated the elusive Tibetan Djwal Khul in a rather Theosophical manner.This was a relatively small grouping, in which Sullivan published pamphlets arising from his correspondence course.The Fellowship indulged in extravagant Rosicrucian lore already popular within the Theosophical Society, and also employed quasi-Masonic rituals (Sullivan being closely associated with a co-Masonry order founded in the 1890s).The other major co-founder was Eileen Caddy’s second husband Peter, who was appointed manager of the Cluny Hill Hotel at Forres prior to the more famous caravan site phase at nearby Findhorn.Peter Caddy “turned to Eileen for guidance that seemed sometimes absurdly banal: for example, her inner voice advised him to charge £10 extra for an extra bathroom and to give the Duke of Bedford the best room” (Times online obituary).

Sheena claimed inner messages and stressed the “Christ within.” In her London apartment, Sheena held groups and taught that “the true teacher was within each one of us” (S. Sheena quickly vanishes in the Riddell version of events. Sheena had married Peter in 1948, but he had transferred his affections to Eileen.

“Her husband became obsessed by Moral Rearmament and imposed its disciplines on her, which she found increasingly restrictive” (Times online).

Her husband attempted to convert Peter Caddy, but the latter appears to have been more interested in Eileen.

This grouping he believed was “a fellowship of the original Christian Rosenkreutz Rosicrucians.” That belief amounts to a popular occultist misconception. This entity was the amateur actor and playwright George A.

The original group of “Rosicrucians” were Lutheran radicals associated with the pastor Johann Valentin Andreae, and are discussed in recent scholarly literature. Sullivan (1890–1942), who used the pen names of Alexander Matthews and Aureolis.

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