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By Jenny Jack for Your So you think you have found the woman of your dreams. Read on to learn about some things you can look for, or may have already seen and have been ignoring or brushing aside. Phone Calls Has she been getting more private phone calls lately? What are the signs that your partner might be cheating?And -- I hope this is not the case -- do you recognize it as a scent one of your friends wears? Does she avoid looking you straight in the eye, when that was not an issue before?

Take time to discover if your suspicions are correct.You know, almost certainly, that someone else is influencing her choices if these behaviors are taking place when they were not happening before. Sexual Deviations Does she want sex less often than usual?Does she seem to just be going through the motions?Sex, drugs and rock and roll all go together, as does alcohol, and could all be indulged in during a tryst.If she smells of cigarettes and she does not smoke, you can bet that he does.

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