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Please know it takes a lot to offend us, particularly when the comments are coming from young children.Give your kids the same grace we give them and use the opportunity to teach them about differences.But while various authorities discuss what lessons can be learnt from this tragic case, friends and family of Esther and Chadrack are racked by guilt and are still struggling to explain how on earth it could have happened.Certainly, those who spoke to the Mail paint a very different picture to that of an isolated mother and son left to die alone in an East London tower block.‘There were a lot of tears when they put Esther and her son together in the grave,’ says a family friend.‘I remember one of Esther’s friends saying: “Esther, you loved your son too much and did not want to leave without him.”’The close-knit Congolese community in this area of the capital, says the friend, is struggling to understand how mother and son could have lain undiscovered for so long. Others had questions for the school and the authorities."You brought your boys over to Malachi and said 'I bet he would like to know your names!'" Leah explained that as they said their names to Malachi, her child started grinning and chatting with the kids and that this interaction was more important than this amazing mom could've realized.

This deeply disturbing case has raised serious questions about how on earth a child could have starved to death in Britain in 2017 without anyone noticing.You took the time to educate your sons in that moment and help them understand that different is okay. Thank you for being the type of mom who educates your children instead of frantically trying to silence them.Special needs moms have to develop tough skin — we get used to stares, comments, and whispers.Hundreds of mourners stood inside the chapel at Manor Park Cemetery in East London to await the arrival of 24-year-old Esther and four-year-old Chadrack last November.Their coffins, one white and heartbreakingly smaller than the other, were surrounded by a sea of flowers, including two giant floral displays fashioned into the words ‘sister’ and ‘nephew’.

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