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And the new kids are getting the same treatment that the old kids did in the , I don’t know, since I was 3?” The lifelong fan, who says he’s seen every episode of the original show at least once or twice, agrees with fans who marvel over how the cast looks today.It’s very weird.” • Elias Harger, 8, “Max Fuller”Filming “was fun because I got to make a lot of friends,” Harger tells PEOPLE.

“They like stimulation and I think they really enjoyed the whole thing.” Formerly a producer, Andrews says she knew that twins often had more work opportunities than singletons, so she and her husband began seeking work for them to help pay for college. “I suffered infertility for a long time and we adopted my oldest 6 years ago,” she says.He once shaved his head while appealing for homeless children and uploaded the video to You Tube which eventually went viral.According to some wiki sources, Cash Nasty was born on December 4, 1990, which makes him 26 years of age.Andrews tried to get pregnant with the help of an egg donor but was unable to do so. The couple were left with three frozen embryos and little hope for another child.

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“It was really weird to see them because it looks like they didn’t age,” he says of meeting his costars.

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