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The same surrogate later carried twins for the couple.

Genetic screening also allows intended parents to rule out inherited conditions.

But others want tall, Eurasian children, agents said.

"Lots of clients that are Chinese do use tall blond donors," said Jennifer Garcia, case coordinator at Extraordinary Conceptions, a Carlsbad, California-based agency where 40 per cent of clients are Chinese.

While the basic surrogacy package Chinese agencies offer costs between 0,000 and 0,000, "if you add in plane tickets and other expenses, for only 0,000, you get two children and the entire family can emigrate to the U. That cost still means the surrogacy alternative is available only to the wealthiest Chinese.

Intended parents typically pay the surrogate between ,000 and ,000, an agency fee of about ,000 to ,000 and legal fees of up to ,000.

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