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Sam awkwardly replied that he thought there was "more than meets the".

After berating himself for his lame pickup line, Sam watched Mikaela wave goodbye from her porch and felt that he had made progress, prompting him to say he loved his car. Believing it was being stolen, Sam followed it to an abandoned junkyard. Sam left his last words to his parents and Mojo, in which he acknowledged that he owned the Busty Beauties issues that were given to him by his uncle Charles, then investigated.

He quite often ends up in the crossfire in the war between the Autobots and the Decepticons.

Mikaela was able to cut off its head, which Sam punted.

Sam and Mikaela approached the Camaro, who could only speak through his radio and offered them a ride.

Sam demanded to know what Sector Seven was, but a backup team arrived.

Prime took Sam and Mikaela to hide under a bridge, but they nearly fell to their deaths.

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