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When I asked Strawberry to come along, she readily accepted.

Finally, I pulled her into a chair at a sidewalk cafe to get a hamburger.All else aside, it was a ravishing night; the bay sparkled, the air was crisp, the sidewalks bustling.It was almost like we were tourists, especially when it took us another half-hour to locate our car, left behind ten bars ago. " said Strawberry, yawning as she slid behind the wheel, but Jesus, it was only and this was the most bar-hopping I had done in my life without having a single drink.We found many single women already in attendance at the bar when we arrived.All were bemoaning the Baltimore dating scene while sucking down chocolate martinis and flirting with the ever-smiling Elliot, who sported but refrained from twirling his new handlebar moustache.

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