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The beginning of the Holocene (post last ice age) is now universally accepted to be around 12000 BP.

They roamed around in Dandak Aranya area and visited Sharbhang and Sutikshan Muni ashrams in Satna.

Starting from Ayodhya, they went right up to Rameshwaram.

They found more than 189 ( 60 identified later on) places, most of which still have the memorials connected to the events relating to the life of Shri Ram and Sita and also match the description given in Ramayan (see Map).

He entered the relevant detail about the planetary positions vis-à-vis zodiac constellations narrated by Maharishi Valmiki and obtained very interesting and convincing results, which almost determine the important dates starting from the birth of Shri Ram to the date of his coming back to Ayodhya after 14 years of exile. Pushkar Bhatnagar has given very authentic and convincing details of these dates in his book titled ‘Dating the Era of Lord Ram’ published by Rupa and Co’. Ramayan refers to the solar eclipse at the time of war with Khar-Dushan in later half of 13th year of Shri Ram’s stay in the forests.

some extracts from which are also being summarised in the succeeding paras. Valmiki has also mentioned that it was Amavasya day and planet Mars was in the middle.

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Thus Shri Ram had come back to Ayodhya when he was 39 years old (5114-5075). Ram Autar, have researched on places visited by Shri Ram during 14 years of exile.

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