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So if you saw an old strip for a while, it just means your DNS is slow to update. If you think you missed something, go ahead and back up a few strips and see. The red one with the little horns on the left shoulder. Addendum: If you want to tune into the podcast to hear me, I wouldn't recommend it.Unfortunately, I can't update or post this news item on the old server as that hard drive is now non-writable. A full year of my waking life also seems considerable. If you think an update got missed, let me know, 'cuz I'm not totally sure what happened the past few days and it would be nice to know. (12/04/2010) as I join a sextet of interviewers on another Moonhawk Studios Podcast interview of someone or something named "Linkara." Guess they liked my banter on brain parasites before. It's about two and a half hours and I said maybe twelve things.I keep hitting all three failure points simultaneously.(08/13/2012) I somehow screwed up with the site update AGAIN?We've switched to a new server and restored from a backup (we do that now! It may have taken some time for some people's DNS to update. If each comic had its own twitter feed, you wouldn't be allowed to follow them all.The old server is showing the old site, stuck on Monday's strip. There is a comic for each helicopter pilot in the United Kingdom. (1/24/2011) that the last few updates went as planned, but I'm pretty sure it's all fixed up now.Example: Question is "I'm on a river cruise, visiting Vienna, Budapest, and Bratislava.

Sluggy Freelance, Dinosaur Comics, Dilbert, or even (wait for it) XKCD! Twelve years old your webcomic gets, repeat yourself you will. So we haven't made a big deal about it, but about six months ago, I sold my share in Keenspot to the Crosbys.The return address on the package was for a Postal Annex in Austin, TX. So it should be no surprise that The Gavs are back, and is likely to be followed by quite a few more. You can go there now and listen to us chat about every taboo topic you can imagine: gay marriage, politics, religion, and brain parasites. I just forced an update, so all is better now, but sorry for the early morning unavailability.If you are David, or you know David, please email me at gav[at] Oh, and I may have made a comment or two about comics. (3/1/2010 A fan pointed out two identical Nukees strips in a row in February.As near as I can figure, a few days after the Feb 12 strip ran, I re-scanned and re-uploaded it, presumably to fix an artistic error or typo.But it looks like I mistakenly scanned the Feb 10 strip instead.

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(05/11/2012), sorry for the repeated comic strip this morning. I was on a plane from Oslo and didn't get the auto-notice of the failed update until I landed at my connection in Newark. As comic books are not my brand of geekery, I didn't have much to contribute. Normally, the site sends me a text message if there's a problem updating, but I'm between cell phones at the moment, waiting for a new one (which arrived today via Fed Ex when I wasn't home, drat! Why is it that even if I'm smart enough to establish a mitigation plan for disaster, the correct number of multiple things that then need to go wrong at the same time always do?

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