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Do schools have a responsibility and right to encourage specific attitudes toward sexual encounters or should this be a family issue?The debate over gun control centers around whether citizens should be able to own and carry guns.There is talk on state and federal levels of an adoption agency's right to exclude certain types of parents or families from adopting children from them.

For example, if children are brought to the country illegally (and presumably at the discretion of a trusted adult), should they be treated as equals to illegally residing adults?Those against offshore drilling cite the cost, negative environmental impact, and dangers it poses.Debates should examine if offshore drilling is the best option, whether there are other reliable and safe forms of energy available, and current legislation regarding energy sources in America.Is the death penalty a form of cruel and unusual punishment?Are certain groups of people sentenced to the death penalty more than others?

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According to Zur Institute, 60-70 percent of teens take part in this attitude and activities.

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