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15-24 18 Aug 17 Al Franken; Penn Jillette; Amy Holmes; Gavin Newsom 435.15-28 22 Sep 17 Barney Frank; Catherine Rampell, Martin Short and Rick Wilson; Bob Costas 439.Maher also couldn't resist mocking daughter Tiffany Trump's speech praising her dad's love and support.The man who loves mocking ignorant right-wingers can't spell "lying"?Disclaimer: We have no connection with the show or the network.15-25 25 Aug 17 Jesse Jackson; Paul Begala, Nayyera Haq and Matt Welch; Frank Bruni 436.

News anchor Amy Holmes is best known as the host of The Blaze’s news.

15-16 19 May 17 Boris Epshteyn; David Frum and Cornel West; Neil Degrasse Tyson 427.

He also tweeted, hey, he'll be bringing this comedy gold to Las Vegas this weekend, so if you're into left-wing vulgarians, what a treat.

15-17 02 Jun 17 Ben Sasse, Eliot Spitzer, Rebecca Traister, Jim Vande Hei, Tristan Harris 428.

15-11 07 Apr 17 Ted Lieu, Evan Mcmullin and Ana Navarro; Chelsea Handler 422.

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