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Other than that, Amazon is a great alternative for those who do not own a Mac, do not feel like downloading i Tunes onto their PC, or simply dislike the i Tunes design.The new Google Play's aggressive invasion of Android devices has given i Tunes and Amazon a run for their money.It popularity is reflected in its numbers with a 33 percent increase subscribers in 2016, according to the .While Spotify does offer unlimited streaming, its downloads are limited.Although they are devoted primarily to independent artists, it does not have the direct pay-to-artist that Magnatune features.It does, however, contain a carefully curated lineup of indie artists and most notably maintains a well-written editorial section that steers listeners to the best and brightest independent artists.

The site has sold 4,000 licenses for films to use music from their artists -- 7,000 general licenses in 12 years.If modern civilization could be summed up in one word, that word would be options.In the Information Age, the sheer variety of choices available to the average person grows exponentially each year.Pay-per-track sites, such as i Tunes and Amazon, price their songs the same.On average, the music costs $.99-1.29 per song or .99-12.99 per album depending on its length, with the occasional deal where a song or album is on sale.

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