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These layers overlap each other, forming a good protection from the wind, even in blizzard conditions.Whales, seals and some penguins have thick fat layers.Antarctic animals are exposed to some of the coldest environments on earth.Animals survive in these harsh conditions by reducing the percentage of body heat that is lost to the environment.These traits are adaptations—characteristics or behaviors that give an organism an edge in the struggle for survival.

Our Living Language : The gazelle is extremely fast, and the cheetah is even faster.Emperor penguins are highly adapted to cold environments – and as the only animal that breeds during the Antarctic winter, they need to be.In addition to the adaptations described above, emperor penguins also have nasal chambers which recover much of the heat lost through breathing, and closely aligned veins and arteries, which enable these birds to recycle their own body heat.This can be by physical means (generally evolved over many generations) or patterns of behaviour.Many Antarctic animals have either a windproof or waterproof coat. These birds have four layers of scale-like feathers.

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Random variation results from slight genetic differences.

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