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I walked over to where Shaheen was seated, turned myself so that my back was to her.

"Thank you, ." Shaheen's rosy cheeks were blushing a deep red as I kissed her affectionately a few times. "I haven't forgotten you, Taibee." I told her, wrapping my arms around her bare midriff. I so badly wanted to kiss her as well, but it wouldn't be proper in front of my ." I gave in.

If you want to hug me, just put your arms around me and hug me. And she had just given me license, , and complain about her husband. The tip of my forefinger danced around the edge of her navel. How could and she too was engrossed in family gossip. " I purposely patted Taiba on her tummy, while my fingers "accidently" touched the lower part of her breasts.

And if you want to kiss me, just take me and kiss me." "Er ... I watched her tummy rise and fall with her breathing, and as she animatedly went on about the family. My mind was racing, and I wanted to touch her huge boobs. I was just standing there, listening to my OWN MOTHER-IN-LAW rebuke me for not having kids, and your uncle just stood there." "It's a shame, . "When I have a fat, sexy girlfriend like you, , just get married to me." "You are a devil." My aunt grinned.

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Nevertheless, despite my apprehensions, I crept closer to Taiba.

Was it my imagination, or did she cop a feel of my left butt cheek? She loves to take care of you, Nawaz." Shaheen stood up to stand behind me, and wrapped her arms around my neck. "You will always be my baby, Nazu." She whispered to me so my uncle couldn't hear, and then kissed my neck again. "Listen, since you are there, I need you to do some work for me.

It was just for a moment though, and then I sat down on her lap, on her knees. "Oh, she's a great lady, your wife." I continued to troll my uncle. There's this package in the village ..." The next fifteen minutes was my uncle giving me some chores to do for him in the lodge and in the village of Tinpur. yes, ." I was actually planning go to my room and shag to thoughts of Shaheen and her round buttocks, but something in Taiba's voice alerted me.

She has been the most excited that you are visiting." Shaheen blushed. It's not every day our favourite nephew pays us a visit." I suddenly felt a lot of love for these ladies who were taking time out from their own families to make my visit special.

Shaheen placed a hand on my bum to guide me to her lap.

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