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After very successful edition for women, Narciso Rodriguez for Her, as well as its companion Narciso Rodriguez for Him, and their reinterpretations with mirror effect from 2008 (Article: Narciso Rodriguez Reflection in a Mirror ), a new fragrance, Essence for women, arrives on the market next year, 2009.Airy and floral Essence will be introduced in March 2009 (to global market in April), as a limited edition, announced as very sexy, with pure, fresh and complete sunlight effect, decorated with a collage of rose, iris and amber and a musk base, created of Narciso Rodriguez' favourite ingredients, which bring a feeling of pleasure.It's starts out with a blast of freshness and then settles with woody rose sweetened with benzoin and the signature Narciso musk blanketed with soft iris. Pleasant, somewhat clean, comforting fragrance with a soft presence of the rose note. Nivea EDT without lily of the valley would have smelled close to Essence.At times I get the Nivea comparison and at other times White Linen minus the harsh aldehydes. I'm surprised they stopped making it since it seems like one of the fragrances many people would have kept buying. Definitely worth trying and different than other fragrances from Narciso Rodriguez I tested.Iris and rose have a very vintage, powdery effect on me, similar to the vibe I get from JLo’s Glow (clean-floral-powdery). I prefer the animalic musk of NR L’eau de Parfum Intense (iridescent rectangular bottle) and the Oil Perfume (sadly discontinued) over this, but to each their own I guess In general, I'm not a musk lover, but this one is really nice and could easily be unisex.It's a clean, fresh musk with a bit of powder from the iris and a touch of floral from the rose.I can't say anything about the musc, cause I don't know how it smells and can't detect anything but creme with iris also it has light benzoin scent to it.Though it has few notes, this is a perfect example of the contents of a bottle being deceptive. With only two flowers in, it still produces a rich bouquet, with a sweet, subtle powdery base. I have been a long-time lover of Narcisco's For Her.

For the majority of time on my skin, it no longer smells like Nivea, but instead smells more like incense and musk.

This is strong and because it's a musk, you may not smell it on yourself anymore, but others will. This is perfect after showers, as it resembles the smell of cleanliness offered by a handmade soap, of natural ingredients.

Easy on the trigger, especially if you live in a hot climate. The opening is citrusy, but changes very quickly to a clean white musk, with a powdery background and a surge of rose water.

All in all, a powdery feeling like babies powder as I have already said, but there's also a hint of flowery undertone. It is very strong when you first put it on, one little spray on my little finger, so I would wash it off if I hated it, held at an arms length away could smell it.

I can smell a bit of rose in the beginning, can't detect iris, musky base for sure and a light cleanness from benzoin (that it's used for it's antimicrobial properties in case you don't know) and adds a touch of modern sweetness. It settles after about half an hour, and it's almost got a barely detectable citrus edge, something that cuts it, don't know what.

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