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His mind frantically searched for a way out of this embarrassment but he drew a blank. "Oh yes you will wear them," Jennifer added with a wide smile, "Unless you want us to make you walk out through the front door like that," she threatened. Well its about time you found out what its like to be one.He froze in his tracks when he saw the clothes laid out for him on the bed. And by the time we're through with you, you will be one," she lectured. " Peter was shamed beyond belief as he stood there before the four laughing girls, his hard-on bulging against the front of his pink lacy panties.For that matter, it wasn't hard to beat a girl in anything anyway.He grinned as he thought about some of the lines he had thrown out during the debate.Despite his best efforts he was instantly overcome. Well, you're going to find out just what its like to be a little girlie sissy, and there's nothing your big macho ego can do to stop us!As the girls finished tying his arms and legs Jennifer appeared at the door with a big pair of scissors. " Peter started to scream and shout, but his ranting only resulted in a gagging."We're going to get rid of all that nasty hair Peter so that you'll be smooth all over, just like a girl," Karen giggled.The girls untied his bonds and pushed him into the shower.

It had all happened like this: Once in her room he was immediately jumped by Jennifer's friends who had been waiting for him. You think you know so much about what it's like to be a girl?

"Well, Peter dear, it seems that girls can be a match for boys, don't you think? Jennifer took off her black lace panties and ceremoniously stuffed them in his mouth, tying them securely in place with a scarf.

He was lifted to his feet, his clothing swiftly cut off his body, and he stood there naked and bound while the girls teasingly covered him body with Nair.

Finally satisfied, the girls drew the short, pink, little girl's party dress down over his head and buttoned it up the back, its short skirt billowing out over the stiff, rustling petticoat. Prissy was required to pirouette for the girls, and another fit of giggles ensued when they spied his hard penis underneath the frilly panties.

Prissy was then led back over to the vanity for her makeup.

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