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Combined with other tribes they conquered or dominated and combined they became known as the Franks and under Charlemagne were able to largely occupy most of the rest of the previous Western Roman Empire.From the late 4th century onward there is further pressure from these Germanic tribes to enter Roman territory, this time driven by invading tribes from the Eastern Steppes. These invaders took two routes into Europe from the steppes along the Lower Danube through the Moravian Gap into northern Greece and from there further into Europe or continuing north of the Alps towards the River Rhine.In the 3rd and 4th century there is further pressure from these Germanic tribes to enter Roman territory.The Third Century Crisis provided increased opportunities to explore the weakness in the Roman border regions.This is when the two groups met and it was the Roman general Gaius Marius who – with their superior army – stopped them in 102BC (Battles of Aquae Sextiae and Vercellae).

Nevertheless, because of its strong military power, there was – for several hundred years – no further mass migration into the Roman Empire.

This also brought tribes from further away in closer contact with each other.

They started to form confederations whereby they both fought each other and together they fought the Romans.

Trade and other opportunities however, did attract people to the border region.

Also people from tribes living further away moved towards the Roman borders.

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The collapse of the Roman Empire was partly due to the fact that a weakening empire could no longer control it borders and this led to more serious invasions and eventually these tribes took over all of the Roman Empire with the exception of the eastern part.

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