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Now whatever your tool, the resulting output is typically a video-based, real-time two-way interaction, emphasizing near-zero audio and video delay in order to allow for a conversation.While the features vary and the technical aspects of each are different, the value delivered in a Web Ex, a Go To Meeting, a Lync chat, an Adobe Connect session, or a meeting in the Cisco- or Polycom-equipped conference room is consistent — an instant audio, video, and screen-sharing connection with anyone located remotely.What does matter is when the ICE subsystem instructs you to send signaling data to the other peer, you do so, and the other peer knows how to receive this information and deliver it to its own ICE subsystem.Our chat server uses the Web Socket API to send information as JSON strings between each client and the server.

This process is called signaling and involves both devices connecting to a third, mutually agreed-upon server.“Web conferencing,” meanwhile, referred to a less formal, desktop-and-webcam system that prioritized sharing on-screen content for presentations and webinars, with the presenter’s webcam video as an optional supporting element.Today, however, as many web conferencing tools offer two-way video and video conferencing tools add the ability to share content and present, the applications have become more similar and the nomenclature more interchangeable.Video conferencing technology makes it possible to meet with someone in another room, another building, or another country as if they were sitting on the other side of the table.And while it was the first application many organizations found for video, it’s now proving to be a gateway to using the technology for even greater ROI — which is where video platforms come in.

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Likewise, where video conferencing tools are strong, video portals can further help them flex their muscle.

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